Johnny Ruffo In Drug Scandal: ‘Home & Away’ Actor Pictured With White Powder In Hotel Room

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“Home and Away” actor Johnny Ruffo has been pictured with white lines of white powder at a party. The Australian “The X Factor” runner-up was partying at the Four Seasons hotel in Sydney when he was snapped with the questionable lines of powder in front of him.

Woman’s Day has published photos of the 24-year-old actor/singer in front of what appeared to be the illegal drug cocaine at the party.

Apparently, Ruffo has had a large quantity of the drug to his hotel room. In one of the photos, he appeared to use a credit card to cut the powder into 13 lines.

“It was Johnny’s room,” a friend claimed to the magazine. “I was there when the cocaine was delivered.”

The source added that there were four to eight people in the suite and that “there was so much cocaine” in the room that it was “gross.”

Another source also said, “I don’t know who took the photos. I was at the party with him. We’re all good friends and we were just having fun.”

Nevertheless, the actor would be “pretty annoyed” to know that the photos have come out.

Another insider added, “It was a small, trusted group of friends – perhaps someone forwarded them and that’s how they got out.”

None of the published photos show Ruffo actually touching the substance, though.

Ruffo’s manager, David Champion, said that they would be issuing a statement regarding the controversial images.

“We don’t have it yet,” he told the Herald Sun.

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