Johnny Depp’s Death Rumors Surfaced after ‘The Lone Ranger’ Crew's Death [PHOTOS AND VIDEO]

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Another celebrity death hoax strikes again. After the reported death of a crew member on the set of Johnny Depp's latest film "The Lone Ranger," it caused a misunderstanding with the social networking sites where they claimed that it was the "Pirates of The Caribbean" actor who died.

However, fans can now breathe a sigh of relief because the 49-year-old actor is alive and doing just fine.

It has been previously reported that crew member named Mike Bridger unfortunately died on the Los Angeles set of the new Disney film "The Lone Ranger."

According to TMZ, the Los Angeles law enforcement stated that the 48-year-old crew member died of a heart attack on September 21 while he was cleaning the inside of a large water tank. Initially, it was reported that drowning caused Mike Bridger's death.

Afterwards, the rumors about actor Johnny Depp's death became a widespread search on AOL and Google causing his fans to believe it was "The Lone Ranger" star that died of drowning while filming his latest movie.

Meanwhile, reports that Johnny Depp was in New York City at the time of his rumored untimely and tragic death. This is actually not the first time actor Johnny Depp became a victim of the celebrity death hoax. Back in 2010, a fake CNN website posted the shocking news that Johnny Depp died in France due to a car crash.

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