Johnny Depp's American Freedom Fighter Lineage, Armie Hammer's Native Roots Kick in 'Lone Ranger'

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The Lone Ranger is an upcoming action-adventure movie of John Reid's battle for justice to prevail. He is not alone in this quest though as Tonto, a spirit warrior has his back. Armie Hammer is lawyer John Reid, a former Texas Ranger. His native American sidekick is played by Johnny Depp. But it seems like the cause of the characters is linked to the two actors in real life. That is as far as the results are concerned. Apparently, according to the genealogy research website, Hammer and Depp have the bloods of American freedom fighters running in their veins.

Johnny Depp's roots were traced to be linked to Elizabeth Key, the woman regarded as the first slave in the American colonies who courageously fought for her liberty. She won her battle. Key is Depp's great grandmum.

Elizabeth Key's battle for freedom, according to, did not come easy. After being a slave for 19 years, she wanted to finally live the life of the free. Through the help of a lawyer, they brought her case to court which ruled to their favour. However, a higher court overturned the initial decision following an appeal. Yet in the true spirit of a fighter, Depp's grandma did not give up. A retrial was made for her case and the result declared her as a freewoman.

Cherokee leader Chief Kanagatucko, an advocate of peace, on the other hand, is said to have blood relations with Hammer.  

Fred Gearing, an anthropologist and historian described Chief Kanagatucko as the one settled differences among the Cherokees back in the day. His virtue of patience along with his attitude of keeping his cool, are qualities that rendered him to be the almost exact personification of the ideal Cherokee.

Meanwhile, the Lone Ranger is set to hit the theatres on July 3.

It was directed by award-winning filmmaker Gore Verbinski.

Jerry Bruckheimer produced the film.

The film's director and producer are the same people who gave us the blockbuster hit Pirates of the Caribbean.

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