Johnny Depp to Testify in Eccentric Murder Trial: Amber Heard Worried?

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In 2009, an unfortunate incident happened which caused the death of a pedestrian. The suspect-nancy Lekon, a woman who has since pled guilty by reason of insanity. Lekon apparently dragged the poor pedestrian half a mile in skid row district in Los Angeles. Currently, Johnny Depp is being asked to testify in court in behalf of Nancy Lekon.

But what really does Johnny Depp have to do with this fiasco?

Johnny Depp is by no means directly related to the crime. In fact, the eccentricity of the problem crops up because Nancy Lekon apparently claimed that she was in a hurry to meet her lover (Johnny Depp) who was in the same area when the fatal accident happened. Of course, Johnny Depp has not realistically slept with Nancy; in fact, Johnny Depp barely even knows who Nancy is.

Lawyers of the defendant, however, want the "Pirates of the Caribbean" star to testify in court to prove that he has no relation to Nancy-thereby proving that Nancy Lekon is delusional. Even if there is no necessity for Johnny Depp to actually be present in the hearing, (for psychiatric evaluation can be provided to prove the claimant's mental instability), it would be interesting to see the 50-year old actor testify in court.

In other news, this controversy might have made the actor's current fiancée, Amber Heard, worried. "The Rum Diary" actress is said to already be engaged to the 50-year old actor. Previously reported, Heard is even said to be pregnant with Johnny Depp's baby. This legal conundrum Depp that has been dragged into is enough to make the ever-gorgeous Amber Heard worried; after all, the two are about to be united by either a small bundle of joy or by marriage.

It is unsure if Johnny Depp is going to wed the 27-year old beauty. The actor is notoriously known for not marrying his partners, as seen with his partnership with Vanessa Paradis, a French singer. Even if the two bore two children from the 14-year old partnership, Depp has maintained his stance against the institution of marriage.

Could Amber Heard be the first woman the "Pirates of the Caribbean" star will marry? Before any church wedding bells, Depp has to grace the courts to resolve a long time murder trial.

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