Johnny Depp Buys $4.4 Million Hollywood Home for Vanessa Paradis

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Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis announced their split last June. But although the two have separated, Depp makes sure that Vanessa and their children are under a nice roof.

The 49-year-old actor reportedly purchased a lavish $4.4 million Hollywood home for Vanessa and their kids. 13-year-old Lily Rose and 9-year-old Jack are currently attending school in Los Angeles.

According to reports from The New York Daily News, Johnny Depp bought a five-bedroom Mediterranean home along Mulholland Drive for his ex-partner and their children.  The impressive home boasts beamed ceilings and an outdoor swimming pool. Other celebrities like Jack Nicholson and Pamela Anderson also owns properties in Mulholland Drive.

"You can be on the Strip or at the studios in 10 minutes. The views of the city are beautiful but it's not in your face," real estate agent Christopher Westley who was reported in the sale said that the home was ideal for the family.

Johnny and Vanessa, who is ten years his junior, met in 1998 in the Costes Hotelin Paris where he was currently shooting Roman Polanski's "The Ninth Gate."

During that time, Depp previously had a high-profile engagement to Winona Ryder and a long term relationship with Kate Moss. On the other hand, Vanessa was reportedly engaged to singer  Lenny Kravitz before she met Depp.

A year after their relationship, Vanessa gave birth to their first child, Lily Rose and had their son, Jack, in 2002. Although they were never married, Johnny once said that having kids has cemented his relationship with the French singer/actress.

"You can't plan the kind of deep love that results in children. Fatherhood was not a conscious decision. It was part of the wonderful ride I was on. It was destiny; kismet. All the math finally worked," Johnny once said.

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