John Mayer Does Something Epic Before Taking The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge [VIDEO]

He Dedicates the Video to Guitar Legend Jason Becker
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John Mayer, one of the finest blues guitar player, took the 'ALS Ice Bucket Challenge' in a musical fashion. Earlier, legendary guitar player Jason Becker nominated him for the challenge. Mayer accepted the challenge and did something amazing in the video. He dedicated the video to Becker who is fighting ALS and cannot play the guitar anymore.

"Hey everybody, this is John Mayer, this morning I was nominated for the ice bucket challenge by phenomenal musician Jason Becker," said Mayer in the video.

"Jason can no longer play the guitar because he has a disease, Jason this one is for you, thank you for nominating me," added Mayer.

Then, he plays Jason Becker's "Air" from the 1998 album "Perpetual Burn."

Mayer beautifully covers the song in his trademark finger-style picking technique.

After the song, he goes out takes a bucket of ice and water and completes the challenge.

He mentions that it is "very refreshing."

Later, he asks the viewers to visit Jason Becker's website ( and find out how they can donate to Jason and his family, directly.

Mayer also nominates David Lee Roth and Eddie Van Halen.

Credit: YouTube/John Mayer

Becker lost his ability to speak in 1996. In his ALS Ice Bucket Challenge video, he explained the system he uses in order to communicate. His father developed the system for his son and using the same, Becker communicates and composes music.

In the video, Becker performed the challenge in a different way. Check out the video below.

Credit: YouTube/Jason Becker

Many people and celebrities across the globe are taking this challenge to raise awareness for ALS. Due to the challenge, donations have crossed over $40 million.

People can visit and donate to the ALS Association.

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