Joe Flacco: 10 Things You Need To Know About Super Bowl’s MVP [PHOTOS]


No one saw it coming, but an unlikely player snags home the title of this year's Super Bowl MVP. Ravens' quarterback, Joe Flacco rejoices as he validates himself with Baltimore's victory.

Weeks and days prior to the game, Joe Flacco wasn't actually the people's first choice on who should win the MVP title for this year. In fact, Colin Kaepernick of the San Francisco 49ers was the frontrunner in winning that title. But when the 49ers lost yesterday, predictions changed.

After being away from the limelight, all eyes are on Joe Flacco after his superb display at the Ravens vs. 49ers game yesterday in New Orleans. Millions of fans were tuned in at Super Bowl and most of them were taken aback when a considered underdog managed to leap past expectations and helped his team secure the championship title.

Apart from Baltimore's win yesterday at Super Bowl, Joe Flacco was proclaimed this year's Most Valuable Player. A title that is truly well deserved. Apart from the recognition, he was also rewarded with a sleek 2014 Corvette and a lucrative contract to follow.

While he is getting all this attention and is drawing more crowd to his fan base, there are a couple of interesting things that you need to know about this year's Super Bowl MVP

  1. His full name is Joseph Vincent Flacco and was born in January 16, 1985. This means that he is only 28 years old.
  2. Back in 2008 NFL Draft, he was the 18h overall pick by the Baltimore ravens during the first half.
  3. The New Jersey native is half Irish and half Italian.
  4. He is the first rookie quarterback to play two playoff games.
  5. ESPN analyst said that Flacco has the "strongest arm" in the NFL
  6. Both his brothers, Mike and John, are also football players. 
  7. He has the most road playoff wins by a quarterback according to NFL records. 
  8. Back in 2008 when he was still a rookie, Reebok signed him for a 3-year contract deal.
  9. He also signed an endorsement deal with Pizza Hut which sells "Flacco's Favorites."
  10. Joe was married to Dana Grady in 2011. He has a son named Stephen Vincent Flacco and announced at Super Bowl that he and his wife are expecting their second child.

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