J.K. Rowling Sells 'Harry Potter' Home

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"Potterheads" now have the once in a lifetime chance to live in the house that started the magic. J.K. Rowling is said to be selling off the mansion that struck lightning for a whopping price of $3.6 million. Anyone in the market interested?

J.K. Rowling may have first thought of "Harry Potter" during a train ride in the UK, the story revolving "The Boy Who Lived" had been conceptualized in Rowling's expansive Edinburgh, Scotland estate. The mansion was where the British best-selling novelist had penned four of the seven "Harry Potter" books.

Rowling's Scotland mansion was originally built in the year 1880 at Abbotsford Park Street. It was a highly-desired neighborhood Merchiston that had been refurbished and constantly redesigned for a Victorian feel. The sprawling estate also boasts of 6,800 square feet of living space and a lusciously walled garden.

Clad in ivy, the two-story mansion includes living spaces namely, two kitchens, eight bedrooms, a vast reception hall, impeccably built dressing rooms, a library and a double garage. Given this was Rowling's home, the British novelist had one room separately done which had served as her secluded writing space. The secluded spot can be found across the landscaped gardens. The split-level office, complete with a bathroom and kitchen had served as Rowling's haven when it came to writing down "The Golden Trio's" latest adventures.

However, it has been approximately two years since Rowling and her family has lived in the Edinburgh mansion. Rowling, her husband Neil Murray and their three kids have been living in their Barnton 17th-century mansion since 2009 leaving Edinburgh a lonely mansion for three long years.

Now, the "Harry Potter" home is out on the market for a price of $3.6 million.

"This house is as well maintained as any I have seen in the past five years," says James Whitson of Rettie & Co.'s via The Telegraph, adding, "The other great attraction is, that although it doesn't look that wide from the outside, it is actually very deep. The side elevation just goes on and on."

Well, "Harry Potter" fans with money and an addiction to anything Rowling-related may find this home as the perfect place to settle. So to fans wanting to have a take at the home, contact Rettie & Co. for that "Potter" experience unlike any other.

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