Jimmy Kimmel Makes Fun of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford in Late Night Show

By @snksounak on

After almost everyone made fun of Canadian politician Rob Forb for acting like a celebrity and appearing on Jimmy Kimmel's show, it was Mr Kimmel himself to crack jokes on him.

Mr Kimmel used video clips of Mr Ford to let the viewers be acquainted with the Toronto mayor's swearing extravaganza. The video clips showed Mr Ford rushing into a camera as well as mouthing Jamaican expletives. CTV News reported that Mr Kimmel took a tissue and dabbed at the latter's head. He explained that Mr Ford was sweating a lot.

Mr Ford did not miss the opportunity to appear on the show and promoted his accomplishments. He did not leave anyone from media to city councillors to Police Chief Bill Bair as he went highly critical about all of them. Mr Kimmel asked the scandalous politician if it was a good idea to dare the police chief to arrest him. Mr Ford was cheeky enough to reply that the police chief had already wasted millions to catch hold of him.

Mr Ford earlier claimed that he would head to Hollywood to fetch fruitful collaborations to the Toronto film industry. The people who actually belong to the industry, however, think otherwise. Wallace Film Studios Manager Greg Nott said that Mr Ford had become a "joke."

According to The Star, Mr Nott did not believe that Mr Ford could help the film industry by any means. American films are often shot in Toronto. However, the reasons do not include Mr Ford, he said. It is more about financial profit and long-term relations.

While Mr Ford claimed that his Hollywood trip during the Oscars would promote the Canadian film industry, the Ontario Film Commissioner Donna Zuchlinski was not even aware of his efforts. She clarified that her office had not been contacted by Mr Ford. Therefore, the actual film industry is unlikely to be a part of his claimed promotion of the industry.

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