‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ Features NBA Stars Reading Mean Tweets

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In light of the recent NBA Playoffs, "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" showcased snippets of NBA stars reading mean tweets from their so-called analytical Twitter followers. Their critique ranged from misspelled words to pubes, curses to Cookie Monster. And all of them were not fist-clenching spiteful; they were stomach-crunching hilarious.

The show that aired on June 16 featured the second "Mean Tweets - NBA Edition" with NBA stars such as Jeremy Lin, DeAndre Jordan, Michael Carter Williams, and Dikembe Mutumbo. It gathered tweets of hatred from fans and have such icons read them. Luckily, they just laughed about them and even jokingly responded to the tweets: Paul George gave the finger to the camera after reading a comment about his "ugly a- name;" Jeremy Lin saying, "You need to 'git' the spell check," when he noticed that the comment had a wrong spelling; Nate robinson responding, "Technically, that's true," as an unnamed Twitter commented about his improper "pick and roll;" and Stephen Curry laughing about a Tweet about his hair looking like pubes.

            Other legendary NBA players read the following tweets:

  • "Dwight Howard wears panties with leg warmers" - unknown Twitter follower
  • "Chris Paul has rice krispy ---- he not legend" - @tommymac18
  • "Damarcus Cousins is a emotional lesbian" - @idisrespecthoez
  • "If anything ever happens to the guy that does the voice for Cookie Monster....I can sleep at night knowing we have Dikembe Mutumbo as backup" - @watchj

The comedic, hour-long show was able to asemble authentic tweets, as shown in the video where the sources were named. On the other hand, some Twitter commenters' names were covered with a blur to probably protect the person or maybe, it came from a known personality.

Jimmy Kimmel Live!" started to air on January 26, 2003 and since then, it has been making the people laugh with Jimmy Kimmel's funny interviews and segments. The popular portion, "Mean Tweets" first featured celebrities reading sardonic comments about them, resulting the actors and actresses to simply laugh about them, instead of getting insulted. The first edition of this portion had over 21 million hits from Youtube, under Jimmy Kimmel Live's account. It also had music edition with over 21 million views and the first NBA edition having hits of over nine million.

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