Jim Parsons Quits The Big Bang Theory News Turns Out Hoax, but Actor ‘Not’ Sure about his Return in Season 8

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Actor Jim Parsons accepts the Best Actor in a Comedy Series award for "The Big Bang Theory" at the 4th Annual Critics' Choice Television Awards at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, California June 19, 2014. REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni Reuters/Mario Anzuoni

The recent news of Jim Parsons [Sheldon] quitting "The Big Bang Theory" after an altercation with Johnny Galecki [Leonard] created quite a commotion on social networking sites. The news turned out to be hoax. Parsons, however, has no clue whether he is in Season 8, or not.

At the Comic-Con, the Emmy nominated, and the multiple-time Emmy winning, actor said to Carly Mallenbaum of USA Today, "I haven't read it [script] yet. So, I don't know." Parsons said that he just knows that his character left on a train in the last season. 

In Season 7 finale, Penny and Leonard found Sheldon at a railway platform, all ready to take a train out of Pasadena. He was overwhelmed with all the changes that were taking place around him, including the newly engaged Penny and Leonard's talk about moving-in together, without him, and the burning down of Stuart's comic-store.  

Parsons said to Mallenbaum that the writer guffawed when he asked whether he was being written-off. Recently, Deadline reported that Parsons, Galecki, Kaley Cuoco [Penny], Simon Helberg [Howard], Kunal Nayyar [Raj] are still without a new contract, as they are reportedly negotiating a hefty pay rise.

Empire News, which claims to be a satirical and entertainment website, recently reported that Parsons will not be starring in Season 8. According to the report, "... Sheldon Cooper, won't be returning to The Big Bang Theory for its 8th season, after actor Jim Parsons has walked-off set and quit the show because of an on-set fight with co-star Johnny Galecki." This hoax news triggered extreme reactions from fans.

Meanwhile, Parsons is starring as the voice of the lead character Oh, an alien, in the upcoming 3D computer-animated movie, "Home." Talking about "Home" at Comic-Con, Parsons said, as quoted by Mashable "When you first see your voice with that character, it does take an adjustment period. I was a little horrified."

"The animators are the greatest excuse-makers for your performance in the world. I deliver my lines and I'm like, 'I don't like that performance at all. And then they draw it and I'm like, 'That was perfect'," the actor added.

According to reports, the filming of "The Big Bang Theory" is expected to begin on July 31, 2014. The hugely popular sitcom is schedule to return on September 22, 2014.       

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