Jillian Michaels ‘Stunned’ At ‘The Biggest Loser’ Winner Rachel Frederickson’s Controversial Weight Loss

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“The Biggest Loser” season 15 winner Rachel Frederickson is too thin, according to personal trainer Jillian Michaels. The U.S. edition of the reality show was bombarded with criticisms when Frederickson was revealed to have lost a staggering 155 pounds, which Michaels admitted that was too much.

Frederickson only weighed 105 pounds when she was announced as the winner of the show in February, prompting critics to target her dramatic weight loss. And a starting weight of 260 pounds, the 24-year-old lost 59.62% of her weight, the “biggest loser” so to speak.

Michaels, a trainer in the show who didn’t handle Frederickson, first said she would not be commenting on the winner’s controversial weight loss, but apparently has changed her mind.

She wrote on her Facebook page:

“Bob and I want to take a moment to congratulate all of the BL contestants on their hard work. We’re not comfortable commenting on Rachel’s journey because weren’t her trainers and weren’t given an opportunitiy to work with her at any point. Any questions about the contestants on the Biggest Loser should be directed to the show’s producers.”

Bob was Bob Harper, her fellow trainer in the show. Frederickson was under Dolvett Quince’s training program.

Michaels is receiving questions about the controversy now.

“I was stunned,” she told HuffPost Live in an interview.

“Obviously I thought she had lost too much weight and I was immediately concerned and wondering how this had happened, how no one had said something to me and how the checks and balances that had been put into place, in my opinion, this had fallen through those checks and balances.”

Even Frederickson thinks she might have overdone her workout.

“Maybe I was a little too enthusiastic in my training to get to the finale,” she told People magazine, adding that she worked out six hours a day in the three months before the show’s finale.

She maintained, though, that she was “very, very healthy."

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