Jetstar Airways Apologises to Passenger for 'I AM GAY' Scrawl on Suitcase Pending Investigation

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Stickers forming "I AM GAY" on Jetstar passenger luggage (Image Credit: Twitter/aaronpp)

A Jestar Airways passenger may have just had the shock of his life when he saw his suitcase on the baggage carousel with the words "I AM GAY" on his red suitcase. He was one of the passengers on a red-eye flight from Perth.

The Jestar passenger and father of two kids posted on his Twitter account @aaronpp a picture of his suitcase upon his arrival at Brisbane airport during the weekend.

In his Twitter post, the passenger said he was "utterly disgusted" when he found his red suitcase vandalised with stickers to form the words "I AM GAY" at the front and back. The stickers were taken from baggage sticker tags.

He said he has no idea who could have stuck the baggage tags on his suitcase, but he suspected the prank must have been done at the airport in Perth. He posted on Twitter that he doesn't know anyone in the airport. 

His flight was delayed for more than an hour and it was already past midnight. The Jetstar passenger speculated that whoever did it had "idle hands." However, he said he did not want anyone to lose their job over the incident. The passenger said he'd rather raise awareness than have someone fired.

Jetstar Airways apologised to its passenger after the image of the red suitcase was posted on Twitter. The airline has promised to conduct a "thorough investigation" to get to the bottom of the incident.

A spokesperson for the airline said that Jetstar is taking the incident seriously and said the company has contacted the passenger for the inconvenience.

Meanwhile, Jetstar Airways, Tiger Airways and Virgin Australia were compared based on the amount of legroom they offer to passengers with economy class seats.  According to reports, seat pitch or the distance between seats has declined in domestic flights.

It was found that in a Boeing 727 of some Jestar aircraft, legroom is as little as 71 cm while Tiger Airways has 72.5 cm. Virgin Australia has at least 76 cm o legroom in economy class which is higher than the other two airlines offering domestic flights. On average, seat pitch is usually between 78 to 86 cm in length.    

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