Jet Lagged Selena Gomez Arrives in London, Still Managed to Pose with Fans

By @definemaych on

The 21-year-old "Come and Get It" singer who just recently went out of rehab is now back on track with no signs of having anxiety or depression. The 10-hour flight definitely took its toll on her as she posted "Jet lagged" with a picture of her lying on a sofa at the Heathrow airport in her Twitter account, according to Entertainment Wise.

She was definitely taking a breather when the picture was taken but she looked really fabulous and has garnered likes from her followers. A lot of rumours have circulated online regarding the former Disney star but Selena Gomez is unfazed and shows up in London and poses for pictures alongside her fans. This is really appreciated by her many followers as they posted their pictures with the actress in the Instagram and Twitter accounts.

However, no one knows why she has flown all the way from Los Angeles to London after skipping the Valentine's Day fever and Selena has kept to herself after the rehab incident. The new look sported by the Pop star made fans happy, especially when they saw the former Disney star looking well with her long beautiful locks.

She even visited her favourite Zero Nine One salon before flying to London together with her friend Sammy Droke. Apparently the two had spent V-day together on their long flight going to London. Obviously, her friends are trying to keep her away from her ex Justin Bieber.

Selena might have been waiting for Bieber to surprise her during V-day but days have already gone and there are no signs of having received any gift from the 19-year-old singer. So the Pop star might have flown to London to ease her troubled heart, and possibly to seek out a new flame.

One of the possible reasons of the unplanned flight to London of Selena was to visit Niall Horan of One Direction, Hollywood insiders believe. This may be an interesting development as the two were also rumoured to be getting friendly last 2012 but failed to become an item since Selena and Bieber were still on and off together.

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