Jesus is an Alien, Group Believes; Inventor Builds Homemade Flying Saucer

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Inventor Duan Phillips, a retired engineer, built homemade flying saucer in NSW Rutherford Aerodrome in Maitland in the Hunter Valley, The Daily Telegraph reports.

Phillips said that he had already filed design patents in Australia, UK and US.

Amidst some criticism, he hopes that he can fly his flying saucer in 2015 and hopefully will be mass produced in the future.

"Most people say it's a good idea when they hear about it. Other people just look at you funny," he told Daily Telegraph.

The flying saucer, he called lift activator disc (LAD), measures 5.5m-diameter, shaped like a frisbee and designed to be faster and safer than helicopters and more convenient to land than planes.

Phillips built LAD from scratch and had been working for 15 years now. He used fibreglass and Kevlar, wires and buttons and an engine from a fat Volkswagen engine.

However, the engine still needs further improvement as demonstrated by a scale model which crashed after maiden takeoff.

The biggest hurdle for Phillips' invention is for the Civil Aviation Safety Authority to permit its flying as it belongs to an "experimental category."

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Jesus is an Alien

Meanwhile, a UK based group, The Aetherius Society, which believes Jesus is an alien, is now travelling 19 global peaks which they believed are charged with alien energy as revealed after London cabbie George King spoke with "cosmic intelligence" in 1958.

According to Wales Online,  the group found that nine of the nineteen peaks are located in Britain.

 "Carnedd Llewelyn is one of 19 mountains around the world that the Aetherius Society revere as holy," group secretary Richard Lawrence told Wales Online.

"On August 23 we are arranging a pilgrimage. There may be dozens of people going up there. The purpose of going up is to send out spiritual energy for world peace and to pray for the betterment of humanity," Richard said.

George King claims that the cosmic intelligence instructed him to prepare as he will become the voice of interplanetary parliament. With the intelligence imparted to him, he believed he understood the secret of the universe.

 "One of the first things George King was instructed to do was climb certain mountains. Of the 19 he climbed 18. He was told it was not necessary and that was charged without him. By charged I mean spiritual energy.  You might call it prayer based healing energy. "

The group also believes that Buddha and Krishna were also extra terrestrials - Buddha and Jesus from Venus and Krishna from Saturn.

They also believe that Chinese philosophers Confucius and Laozi were also extraterrestrials.

 "These were advanced beings coming to help us and give certain teachings in some cases. To help humanity without interfering with us too much."

One day, a messiah will arrive in Earth, riding a flying saucer and they will be more powerful than all armies, the group believes.

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