Jessica Simpsons Shows Off Amazing New Body in New Ad

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Sexy is an understatement for someone like Jessica Simpson and now that she has lost a few pounds, you can definitely bet that she is back on track.

Even after the birth of her second child Ace, Jessica is proud of her weight that she was able to keep her curvaceous body without worrying of pregnancy gains.

After welcoming their little baby boy, Jessica was bent on losing the pounds she gained during the pregnancy and indeed she has not failed even though she had Maxwell just 14 months before giving birth to little baby Ace.

At 33, she is still beautiful and fit without any signs of wearing out but she does confess that she did gain a hefty amount of weight during her first pregnancy. She publicly claimed that she only gained 40 pounds but after becoming a bridesmaid in her friend's wedding last March of 2012 many speculated that there is more to it than just 40. Many criticized her for the said weight gain.  

Losing weight after having two kids is really hard to do but this blonde beauty has been very successful with her weight loss. This mother of two has even worn a tight fitting black ensemble for her latest commercial with Weight Watchers. One can really see the joy in her face as she poses for the camera.

It is definitely a hallmark that she is proud of her weight loss. She knows that she has accomplished a great feat as a mom and is brimming with confidence. She even shared a few pictures of her to track her weight loss journey.

The cruel taunts she received because of her weight gain is now over as she represents the Weight Watchers. She has definitely earned the multimillion dollar deal she received from the said company. She was still pregnant with her first bay when she signed the contract.

Working hard to get in shape after childbirth, Jessica has plans for the future with her upcoming wedding to the former NFL player Eric Johnson. Indeed, Johnson is one lucky guy. However, the weight loss is not only for her upcoming wedding but also for her little baby girl Maxwell.

She wanted to be a role model of her little girl saying "I want her to look up to me and be like me," according to US Weekly. She wants her baby girl to know what is important and not to look on to false perception.

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