Jessica Simpson's Mom AttendsHer Nuptials with Married Man, Singer Not Too Happy About It

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Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson
Actors Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson arrive on the red carpet at the annual White House Correspondents' Association Dinner in Washington, May 3, 2014. REUTERS/JONATHAN ERNST

Just married Jessica Simpson may be thrilled that she was finally able to marry the man of her dreams, but her mom might not have it so easy. Like her, Jessica's mom is said to have also met the man of her dreams too and even dating him already, but the guy's married! It remains to be seen if wedding bells will be ringing for them anytime soon.

The National Enquirer reports that Tina Simpson is currently dating landscaper Jon Goldstein. They proved their feelings are true by attending Jessica Simpson's wedding together on July 5. All will be well however, if Jon is actually single and allowed to mingle like that.

The new report claims that Jon himself knows he should not be dating Tina yet or attending her daughter's wedding because he is still tied to someone else. National Enquirer claims that Jon pleaded with the court to rush his divorce because he will be attending a high profile event and he should do so as a single, unmarried man.

"The last thing Tina wanted was to have guests at Jess' wedding whispering that she showed up with a guy who was married!" a Simpson family insider shared to the magazine.

But that is exactly what had happened on Jessica's wedding. The court denied Jon's pleas and he had no choice but to attend the wedding with Tina as a married man.

The insider shared that Tina will not be upstaged at the event. She cannot have her ex-husband flaunting his boytoy on her face without bringing someone too. "It was bad enough that Tina's ex-hubby brought his 21-year-old male 'client' as his guest, so Tina pushed Jon to take care of matters before Jess' big day on July 5."

Tina also knew Jess would not be happy if Jon would take her mom to the wedding even though still married to someone else. However, the odds were just against them. "The judge denied Jon's request. Neither Tina nor Jess was happy about that," claimed the source.

Still, it seems everything is water under the bridge now. Jessica is married and happy, especially since she's named "World's Sexiest Mom" by Victoria's Secret, as reported by USA Today. The title does not cut it for Jessica though. Mail Online UK reports that Jessica Simpson already lost 50 pounds and want to lose more to reach 93 pounds. 

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