Jessica Alba Gets Drunk, Gives Husband's Birthday Cake to the Cops

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Having too much alcohol often makes us do things out of the ordinary and for Jessica Alba's case it's giving policemen some of her husband's birthday cake. Cash Warren just turned 35 and wants to have a pajama pizza party in their house - an adult pajama pizza party with drinks flowing all around, according to Fox News. Everyone can relate to the time when they did something funny and stupid because of being under the influence of alcohol.

Cash and Jessica have been married for six years and like to improvise with the birthday party. The birthday party started innocently enough but continued till late at night and the guests together with Cash's dad were all getting tipsy with the details given by Jessica in her interview with Ellen DeGeneres.

The party included games like twister and Jenga with a twist while all the guests were wearing onesies which all seems fun, especially when it comes to playing it with close friends. Jessica shared that even her very conservative father-in-law came and got drunk with the punch and commended the party for being fun. She was surprised when her father-in-law mentioned the cops coming in. And so Cash's dad tells her what happened and was fairly surprised at what she did.

They partied on until some policemen who were patrolling nearby reportedly went to the house as there might have been some complaints of the music being too loud. However, the policemen weren't prepared to what they will expect after the door opened.

The drunken Jessica was the one who handled everything. She went to the door and answered the cops and even offered some of the birthday cake. Although she barely remembers some of the highlights of the party like giving some cake to the patrolling policemen. One might say that she handled the situation pretty well even though she was already tipsy.

"We were partying like rock stars at our old age," says Jessica in the "Ellen DeGeneres Show." This is surely a night that they would come to laugh at. She even joked around about it in the said show.

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