Jessica Alba Follows Crossfit and Paleo to Stay Fit: A Combination of the Two is Best For Weight Loss

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Jessica Alba
Jessica Alba believes in staying fit through power walks. Reuters

Jessica Alba has an enviable bikini body that everybody loves; she herself said that she loves her firm stomach. Celebrity fitness regimes have always intrigued people, how they manage to stay fit and beautiful despite all odds. While different celebrities have different secrets to their fitness, Jessica owes her bikini body to a combination of CrossFit and low-carb diet.

She said, "My stomach is good, my legs, I'm not as excited about all the time, but I wouldn't cover up my stomach." Jessica is not all that enthusiastic about work outs though she said she hates work outs and she finds it boring. "I really only did it when I had а job that wаѕ physically demanding. From age 17 until I wаѕ 27, all I did were movies that were physically demanding, ѕо all I did wаѕ work оut all the time!"

In the film, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, Alba shows of her killer body. She had to work really hard to get that body, Jennifer Johnson, who trained her for the movie described her as an animal who works out like crazy. "She's ѕtіll hungry to make іt happen."

Jessica however is not very comfortable with her sex symbol status she stated, "I know that my lооkѕ were my path into Hollywood, but I never rеаllу enjoyed the kind of attention that соmеѕ with the image." She even confessed that her body is not perfect, she has tummy fat but has learned to accept her imperfections. She also has a family history of obesity.

Jessica follows a low carb Paleo diet that includes low-starch organic vegetables and fruits, processed foods are not on her list. Fitness expert Yumi Lee is her CrossFit trainer, she has included fat blasting CrossFit moves in her circuit training workouts. Lee is married to CrossFit athlete Ron Mathews who trains Joe Manganiello.

Many other celebrities including Megan Fox, Tom McGraw, Jessica Biel and Robin Wright follow the low carb Paleo diet. A combination of Paleo and CrossFit has two fold results, you look good, slim and are fit as well.

While the benefits of the Paleo diet are known to all, it helps reduce weight and increase metabolism. CrossFit is equally beneficial it combines weight training, aerobics and gymnastics. It also helps give you a fitter body faster, since it is based in the high intensity interval training (HIIT) the workout is linked with stress injuries. But Dr. Erik Dean of Arizona Sports Medicine Center said, "The most common cause (of shoulder injuries) is inappropriate technique or doing something that's new and repetitive, especially lifting something over your head. The shoulder joint is not meant to do the kinds of maneuvers that we sometimes ask it to do."

CrossFit should be done at one's own level and must have proper coaching. A 10 week study at the Ohio State University revealed that CrossFit workouts can improve aerobic fitness and body fat composition to a great level. For the study 54 participants who did the exercises were tracked, it was seen that there was a decrease in body fat, gain in lean muscle and improved aerobic fitness.

Jessica's combination of Paleo diet and CrossFit is the best weight loss program. Experts recommend a good diet with CrossFit fitness regimen. The foods recommended are the same as the ones in the Paleo diet. The Paleo diet will curb the piling up of calories by removing high glycemic load and high calorie foods and CrossFit helps burn fat. A combination therefore is the best for a fit body, even after losing weight one you can maintain your body by continuing the weightloss regimen. These dietary and fitness plans also betters cardiovascular health and reduces the risk of diseases such as cancer, type II diabetes and metabolic syndrome. 

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