Jesinta Campbell Appeals to Hawks Fans, Says BF Lance Franklin is Affected by the Boos

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For choosing money over loyalty, Lance Franklin is paying the price for his decision after getting booed and heckled mercilessly by the Hawthorn Hawks crowd when his Sydney Swans visited his former team on Saturday.

Franklin transferred to the Swans for $10 million and the fans are not letting him forget about the fact that they traded them for a huge amount of money. Nicknamed “Buddy”, he was the star with the Hawks leading the squad with 580 goals in 182 appearances from 2005 to 2013.

“He says that it doesn’t get to him and I suppose there’s a part of him that, you know, he sort of has to learn to shut it off. But as his partner, I do see that he’s affected by it. He’s a human at the end of the day.” Girlfriend Jesinta Campbell shared via The Herald Sun.

“He feels everything that everyone else feels. Just because he’s on a football field and can kick goals and is this sporting legend, doesn’t mean that he’s invincible.”

The fans screamed for blood and also got their wish of a win over their former star as Hawthorn defeated Sydney, 104-94 on Saturday.

Campbell, who was named the 2010 Miss Universe Australia and the 2nd runner-up in the 2010 Miss Universe beauty pageant, wasn’t done and continued about the apparent disrespect of the Franklin hecklers.

“I just think, all of a sudden, the supporters have forgotten the nine years. I think people just have to be really conscious of the fact that he’s just like you and I, and he feels exactly the same way that we feel.”

The cause for amnesia for the Hawks fans is the rare, unprecedented nine-year contract he signed with the Sydney club. The $10M deal is the highest ever for any Australian Football League (AFL) athlete.

Campbell’s appeal might just fall into deaf ears but she can console on the fact that her boyfriend is the richest player in AFL history today.

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