Jeremy Meeks Death Hoax: Handsome Felon's Fake Death after Release from Jail Goes Viral

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Jeremy Meeks initially became a viral star for his handsome and sexy Stockton Police Department mug shot that spread online. The "handsome felon" went viral once again but this time for a different reason which is a death hoax article posted on the Web site.

The Web site report claimed Jeremy Meeks was killed just one hour after getting released from jail on Tuesday night, July 15. According to the fake report, Meeks went to his mother's home where he got into a physical fight with his wife Lashanda and eventually got killed.

The Huzlers article on Jeremy Meeks claimed the jail records confirmed that the mug shot guy got released from jail before midnight on Tuesday and was found lying on the road in the area of Dayton and West in Central Stockton just before 1 am on Wednesday, July 16. "He was taken to Community Regional Medical Center where he died from his wounds shortly after arriving," the death hoax stated.

"Police said Meek and his wife Lashanda Meek had longstanding personal issues. They said the fight ended with Meek laying in the road with two wounds -- one they said, looked like a knife wound, the other may be a gunshot wound. Witnesses also reported a loud pop. An autopsy is scheduled for Friday," the fake death article further declared with the surnames even misspelled.

According to the Latin Post report, the death hoax report concluded the story with the police chasing after Lashanda Meeks who was on the run approximately one mile away from the murder scene. The Epoch Times has noted down that the Web site has a disclaimer at the bottom but Huzlers' spoof article still tricked majority of the readers who were shocked to find out what happened to the Internet's mug shot guy.

The disclaimer for the Web site reads: " is a combination of real shocking news and satire news to keep its visitors in a state of disbelief." However, fans of Jeremy Meeks fell for the death hoax report and expressed their grief on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

The Epoch Times report further refuted the Huzler article, that had over 250,000 shares on Facebook since Saturday, July 19, by claiming that Jeremy Meeks is still in jail waiting for another court date for the possession of a firearm charge filed against him after the arrest during a Stockton police gang sweep.

Robert Himelblau, spokesman of the San Joaquin County District Attorney declared in the News10 report that federal gun charges can lead to longer sentences in prison. Furthermore, the single charge filed against Jeremy Meeks could lead to a 10-year prison term with a fine of $250,000.

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