Jeremy Lin Trade Update: Knicks To Bring Linsanity Back? Lin Could Be Included in Package For Tyson Chandler, Tim Hardaway Jr.

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Jeremy Lin's career took off during his tenure with the New York Knicks. After two years in Houston, the former Harvard hot shot could find himself playing for the Knickerbockers again as significant piece in the rumored Knicks-Rockets deal.

Sports World Report broke the news on the potential trade between the Rockets and the Knicks with barely two weeks left before the trade deadline.

Rockets general manager Daryl Morey has been looking for a trade partner for disgruntled center Omer Asik ever since the Turk demanded a trade out of Houston early November. However, Asik remains with the Rockets up to this point, and analysts blamed it to the steep price Morey is asking from the center's potential suitors.

Still, Asik's changing uniform remains very high. Despite Morey's announcement that they plan to keep the center for the remainder of the season, the lure to get his $15 million paycheck next season and acquire compensations in return is too much for the Rockets to turn down.  

"The Rockets would love to trade away Asik and the center would not mind a change in scenery as well. The issue is that he is owed $15 million next season and is set to be an $8.7 million hit to the cap. Morey has yet to find an offer that he feels satisfied with, but the Knicks could be the team that makes the deadline offer to win him over."

Just a year after reaching the conference semifinals, the Knicks appears to be headed to lottery once again. Anthony, who could also be traded anytime, is still putting up big numbers, but his supporting casts don't really fit well in the system. With the trade deadline just around the corner, the Knicks seem to be an ideal trade partner for the Rockets.

"ESPN's David Thrope suggests the Knicks could be the team that makes the last minute offer on Asik to take him off the Rockets' hands. The team has been searching for depth in the front court as several injuries have plagued the team in recent weeks," via Sports World Report.

Lin Back With The Knicks

Lin's strong play of late has drawn attention from several suitors, including the Lakers and the Bulls. However, there's also the possibility that Linsanity could find his way back to Madison Square Garden, where the craze all began two years ago.

"Thorpe suggests Tim Hardaway Jr. would be a lock to get traded for the center. The reporter also notes that Tyson Chandler could be included if another player like Jeremy Lin was included," the site added.

Lin is averaging 13 points and 4 dimes per game this season. Nevertheless, he has proved as of late that he can be a perfect role player in a star-studded team like the Rockets. Bringing Lin back in New York City would be wise for the Knicks on a basketball and marketing reasons. If this trade pushes through, Lin will have the opportunity to prove to everyone that Linsanity is not fluke, and he's returned to save the franchise the second time around.

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