Jeremy Lin News: Knicks' Regret Not Re-Signing J-Lin As Raymond Felton Fallout Unfolds

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The New York Knicks suffered a big blow early this week, following the arrest of point guard Raymond Felton, who allegedly threatened his wife with a gun on Monday. With Felton crumbling on and off the court, many Knicks asked the management if not matching Jeremy Lin's contract and signing Felton instead was a wise decision after all.

Felton, who is averaging 10.4 points and 6.0 dimes this season, has been viewed as one of the primary reasons behind the Knicks' downfall in 2014. Many fans are frustrated with Felton's inconsistency, leaving the Knicks with a gaping hole at the backcourt position.

Now, Felton is facing serious matters when he reportedly threatened her wife at gunpoint. Felton is facing imprisonment of up to three years for reportedly carrying a gun not registered to own.

"He [Felton] was charged with second- and third-degree criminal possession of a firearm, which are felonies, and fourth-degree possession of a firearm, a misdemeanor, a police spokesman told Police said Felton was in possession of a gun he wasn't registered to own," ESPN reported.   

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Knicks Lost Gold in Jeremy Lin  

Lin, who is averaging 14 points and 4 dimes per game in a sixth man role for the Houston Rockets, might not duplicate the hysteria he brought at Madison Square Garden in 2012, but the former Harvard hot shot has emerged as a really solid point guard.

Of course, Lin's mediocre statistical production is a result of Rockets' multiple options on the offensive end. Still, he proved that he can really put up big numbers when needed.

The Knicks let Lin walk away a couple of seasons ago, because they were not iffy to match the guard's back-loaded offer (three-year, $25 million deal) from the Rockets. Days heading into last week's trade, the Knicks again tried to explore a negotiation to bring back Lin, but they again backed off from talks and continued to pin their hope on Felton.

On Tuesday, Knicks fans directed their frustrations towards the Knicks management for pulling off one of the biggest blunders in the organisation. Most of the Knicks followers believed Lin could have emerged as pretty solid point guard for the Knicks.

Sports on Earth writer Howard Megdal called it a terrible decision on the part of the Knicks front office to let a developing Lin join the Rockets in 2012.

"That decision looked terrible at the time. And it looks so much worse now, with Lin continuing to develop and contribute for a Houston Rockets team in the title hunt in the Western Conference, and struggling Felton now facing felony gun charges that could short-circuit a season in which he'd been just awful," the writer said.

Linsanity is clearly over. But Lin has proven to be a better ball player, off and on the court, than the troublesome Felton. Without a doubt, the blame will be on James Dolan and his incompetent front office.

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