Jeremy Lin News: JLin Wants More Playing Time as Postseason Draws Near For Houston Rockets


Jeremy Lin is showing some sign of life as of late after putting up solid numbers over the past three games. This performance leads to a presumption that with more playing time leads to more production for Linsanity.

With roughly two months left in the regular season, the Rockets are trying to figure out what exact rotations and the players they would be using in the postseason. Starting point guard Patrick Beverley might be a lock to start at the point guard position, but the battle for playing time remains a wide open race between him and Lin.

In an article by Chris Baldwin of Houston Culture Map, he indicated Lin's ability to perform at a high level will only be showcased if he's given enough playing time and placed in a situation that would allow him to help the team win ballgames.

Baldwin openly criticised coach Kevin McHale for placing a hard cap on Lin's playing time for the last three weeks and putting him in situation where the Rockets are completely blown away by the opposing team.

"This is how it goes for Jeremy Lin. When the Houston Rockets coach has exhausted every other possible way to try and win the game, he might give Lin a chance to make a difference. McHale will throw Lin into an impossible position and see what happens (loss)," Baldwin stated in his article.

Baldwin claimed that Lin's true ability was at the forefront during his 26-point explosion in the Rockets overtime win against the Portland Trail Blazers and his 19-point, 9-assist game against the Utah Jazz. In both games, Lin clocked more than 25 minutes, and he took the most of his opportunity by providing his team a much needed spark off the bench.

"He drops in 26 points, hits the go-ahead jumper in overtime, gets to the free throw line 12 times and makes up for starting point guard Patrick Beverley's hideous zero assist, minus-two, 36-minute game. It's the kind of performance that screams out for more playing time. Demands it," Baldwin said of Lin's need for more minutes.

Lin might be averaging just 12 points and roughly 4 dimes per game, and his shot efficiency remains the weakest part of his game. However, the Rockets need Lin to step up as the playoffs draw near. The Rockets has to have a healthy and explosive Lin to give a much-needed jolt off the bench, especially if they are up against one of the Western Conference elites such as the Los Angeles Clippers, San Antonio Spurs and Oklahoma City Thunder.

Lin's future with the Rockets will be based upon his play in the remainder of the regular-season and the playoffs. With his $15-million paycheck coming to play next season, the Rockets will surely evaluate if Lin is worth keeping or a trade bait to acquire another star.

There's only one way to prove Lin's worth, and that's more time on the floor. McHale, please get it done.

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