Jeremy Lin Looks Forward To NY Knicks Comeback


Houston Rockets point guard Jeremy Lin is very open to take his talent back to the Big Apple, if the New York Knicks eventually pull off a trade to reacquire him, as per report by a number of media outlets.

Roughly three year since he became a massive star in the heart of New York City, the 25-year old Lin still remembered the struggle to make his career relevant and how Linsanity went down as one of the most fascinating stories in league history.

"I remember after that game I was in the shower and I was just crying tears of joy. I was like, 'Dude, they can't cut me. They have to keep me. After this, they have to keep me.'"

"I would say the hype was exaggerated and that created a polarizing effect," Lin told Marc Lamont Hill of HuffPost Live.

Lin averaged 12 points and 4 dimes in a sixth-man role with the Rockets. Since his arrival in Texas, the former Harvard standout has survived trade rumors in two seasons.

However, with the Rockets looking to execute their ambitious plan in adding another star, Lin's days with the team appear to be numbered, according to insiders.

Lin's name is being dragged to several trade scenarios - including a potential blockbuster sign-and-trade deal involving the Rockets and the Knicks.

The Rockets are eager to unload some of their players with big contracts, and apparently, Lin and Omer Asik - who will receive $15 million each ($8 million cap hit) are considered their greatest trade assets.

"According to an individual familiar with the Rockets' plans, they are confident they would be able to move Lin and Asik's contracts because unlike their failed efforts to trade Asik last season, they would be looking to clear cap room, rather than bring back rotation players with similar contracts," Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle reported on Thursday.

In an interview with HuffPost live last week, Lin sounded to be prepared if he's eventually trades, and he even showed his desire to make a comeback in Knicks uniform.

"Yeah, for sure. I've always said the New York fanbase has embraced me like none other, and I definitely haven't forgotten about it, and I'm still extremely grateful for it," said Lin, who became a transcendental sporting star after a string of scintillating performance three years ago.

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