Jeremy Bieber Living the Teenager Life with Son Justin Bieber, Splits from Wife

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Looks like Justin Bieber has taken a few traits off from his father, Jeremy Bieber. The latter has allegedly split from his wife in exchange for the life of parties. Plus, in an all new report by the Rolling Stone magazine, it seems they have a few words for the Canadian crooner's dad.

Fathers are depended on for the appropriate behaviour of their sons but in the case of Justin Bieber, that might not be applicable. For one, Justin's dad, Jeremy Bieber, is the instigator of his most recent DUI arrest.

"His father's not a great influence," claims a source in a report by E! Online, originally published in Rolling Stone, "They're almost not like father and son-it's more like two best friends."

Obviously, Jeremy Bieber doesn't care much about the "proper" upbringing of his son and would like to be the "hands on" type of father. Other reports even claim that Jeremy has sacrificed his relationship with Erin Wagner for the life of parties alongside his 19 year old son.

"Jeremy has terminated the seven year relationship he had with Erin, the mother of his two young children, and has apparently chosen a life of partying with his superstar son Justin. Jeremy and Erin are now living apart, sharing the custody of Jaxon, 4, and Jazmyn, 5," reports Hollywood Life.

However, sources close to the couple claim their relationship had long been on the rocks even before Jeremy started living the fame-laden life with his son. Aside from the DUI arrest where Jeremy was involved, the father to "Baby" singer had also been aboard the private flight where an attendant had been verbally abused.

Additional reports by the attendant and the pilot claim that Justin and Jeremy Bieber plus his entourage were smoking tons of weed on board. Yet, investigation showed futile resorts.

Obviously, Jeremy and Justin certainly have a lot in common despite the former being literally absent from the latter's childhood life. Hopefully, when things come to the worst, Jeremy Bieber handles his sons' issues and not bail like he did on his first wife, Pattie Malette when she had been pregnant with the Canadian crooner.

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