Jenny Mollen Launches a New Book

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Jenny Mollen's book grabbed the attention of women who were "batsh-crazy and liars."  But it was also aimed for people who would want to learn some insane things she encountered and her perceptions about the society written in such a way that would make the reader go ROFL or "roll on the floor laughing." "I Like You The Way I Am" could be considered her memoir, telling the people about things she only knew about.

She was Nina Ash on the series, "Angel." But maybe she was destined to write as she progressed in writing funny columns for "Playboy" and "The Smoking Jacket." She also wrote a short film entitled "Kidnapping Caitlinn" where she played with her husband, Jason Biggs.

At first, the book looked like it contained a typicalcontent of a book, full of stories. At the centre, she had a picture of herself wearing a gray dress, surrounded with pictures of herself only in different expressions such as laughing, winking, looking confused and even looking irritated. It also had a tagline of: "Stories about me and some other people." There was a teaser though, at the top where Chelsea Handler , Jenny's friend, talked about how she viewed the book. And once the reader opened it, he or she would instantly knew that the book was anything but normal. In one of the pages, she told about her hiring a hooker for Jason's birthday and even her son's circumcision. The insanity continued on until the reader would find himself or herself puking and laughing from the antics she dared to tell.

The circumstances she said might seem crazy but the reader would feel the authenticity behind it. He or she would even admire the audacity of Jenny Mollen for telling her encounters andantics, without cowering from people's judgments.

Despite all the wackiness, she wanted to reach out to the women with a profound goal. "I just hope that people, women specifically, embrace the side of themselves that maybe is a little nuts or that society tells us is crazy," said Jenny to The New York Times. "I hope that other women read it and think, 'Oh, I'm like that, and that's okay.'"

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