Jennifer Lopez And Iggy Azalea Show Off Their Incredible Bodies In Risqué Artwork Of 'Booty' Remix

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Singer Lopez Performs on ABC Television's 'Good Morning America's Summer Concert Series' in New York City's Central Park
Singer Jennifer Lopez (L) performs on ABC television's "Good Morning America's Summer Concert Series" in New York City's Central Park, June 20, 2014. REUTERS

Jennifer Lopez and rapper Iggy Azalea are showing off their famous booties in the new artwork of J Lo's "Booty" remix. The 45-year-old "Waiting for Tonight" songstress is giving serious competition to a very young Iggy as far as looks are concerned. Iggy poses next to J Lo in a similar revealing one piece dress that reveals her incredibly long legs and sexy derrières.

Lopez roped in the 25-year-old rapper Azalea to work on the remix of "Booty" and the track was finally released on Tuesday."Booty" is the third single from J.Lo's latest album. Her other two singles are "I Luh Ya Papi" and "First Love."

The most interesting part about the new Iggy Azalea version of "Booty" is Jennifer's artwork for the same. The sexy Latin singer is seen standing back to back with rapper Iggy, and both of them are showing off their famous back sides. While Jennifer is seen wearing a black backless one-piece dress, Iggy wears the same in white colour. The two artists look smoudering hot in their respective outfits, which they seem to be carrying effortlessly, with sexy matching stilettos.

Both Iggy and Jennifer have perfectly tanned, shapely bodies and they have used bronze make-up. Their bodies shine from the tanning lotions that they might have used while shooting for the picture and the two stars opted for a slick wet look for their hair.

The picture has received great appreciation from Jennifer's fans on her Instagram page. Lopez has used really interesting hashtags to describe the picture. "#jlobooty #aintseenabootylikethissincejennyfromtheblock #doublebubbletrouble #jloiggybooty," Lopez captioned the picture, which can be seen here.

"They begging me drop down on 'em, but right now, Iggy on the top / The last time the world seen a booty this good, it was on 'Jenny From the Block!'" raps Iggy in the remixed version, which can be heard here.

The duo has reportedly finished filming the music video and Iggy has even posted a sneak peek of the video on her Instagram account. The short clip just shows Iggy dressed in a same sexy white dress and showing off her booty. Check it out here.

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