Jennifer Lopez Dating Maksim Chmerkovskiy

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Singer Lopez Performs on ABC Television's 'Good Morning America's Summer Concert Series' in New York City's Central Park
Singer Jennifer Lopez (L) performs on ABC television's "Good Morning America's Summer Concert Series" in New York City's Central Park, June 20, 2014. REUTERS

Jennifer Lopez and Makism Chmerkovskiy are known to be creating stir with their alleged romance.  However, Lopez who just got out of a relationship with Casper Smart is taking every step with caution before getting into anything serious with the "Dancing With The Stars" star. The two are reportedly talking a lot and Lopez also thinks that Makism is super hot.

"They have been talking a lot and she thinks he is great, but she is being very careful," a source told E! News. "She does not want to get her kids involved in meeting another guy yet."

It is understood that Casper had got quite close to Jennifer's kids Max and Emma and when she broke-up with him, it was also hard for the kids.

JLo broke-up with Casper as the latter was allegedly having an affair outside the relationship. However, it was reported earlier that even after the break-up Casper was living with JLo and was in no hurry to move out. That time it was reported that Casper is taking his time to find a new place.

Meanwhile, for Makism all this is fairly new and even he wants to take his time before jumping into it.

"This is so new," the source added. "There has been a date here and there, but really they are good friends before anything else. Maks asks her for advice and she thinks he is super-talented and very hot. Obviously that is hard to ignore."

After having her share fair of relationship Lopez still believes that true love exists and she would find it someday, as per the reports. Makism was also there to become part of JLo's 45th birthday celebration and two reportedly showed some PDA.

It seems soon Lopez and Maskism would get together officially as JLo can't stay alone for a log time as she once said to InStyle magazine April Issue.

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