Jennifer Lawrence's Secret to her Fit Body Revealed: Trainer Unveils her 'The Hunger Games' Get Fit Workout

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Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence is considered the fifth most hot by Maxim 2014 Hot 100. Reuters

Jennifer Lawrence has a great fit body but the actress claims that she hates working out and doesn't even indulge in dieting. Then how does the "The Hunger Games" actress plays the physically taxing role of Katniss Everdeen in the movie which required her to do her stunts? The secret to her fitness has been revealed by her trainer Joe Horrigan who says that the actress loves skipping as an exercise.

Horrigan has earlier trained Hollywood elite actors including the ones who worked in "Charlie's Angels II," "Spiderman 2," "The Lovely Bones" and "The Hunger Games." He was approached to work on Lawrence when the actress needed to get her fitness levels up for her role in the movie "The Hunger Games," Teen Vogue reveals. Lawrence was trained to do the role of Katniss by doing sprints, riding a stationary bike, and even learning how to shoot bow and arrow. The actress even went to the extent of learning rock and tree climbing to achieve maximum fitness levels.

Jennifer Lawrence's trainer then revealed some more aspects about fitness in the magazine interview and said that just 20 minutes of skipping could do wonders in keeping a person fit and achieve a body like JLaw. Other cardio workouts include "running, cycling (road, mountain, classes, or simply a regular stationary bike), or various aerobic classes such as dance classes and hiking."

Apart from high intensity cardio exercises, Jennifer Lawrence also warmed up and recovered her body from fatigue by doing yoga. Warming up and stretching is as important as exercising. "Jen used yoga to stretch her body and improve her flexibility. It was also her exercise go-to on less intense days when her muscles needed to relax and rejuvenate," Horrigan reveled to the magazine.

 "We did a very low intensity workout with very low volume to let her body recover once or twice a week. Jen's yoga routine consisted of sun salutes, reverse warriors, chair poses, planks, and tree poses," the trainer added.

To get a body like JLaw one needs to have willpower of her caliber. The trainer also called Jennifer a thorough "professional" who was dedicated the cause of fitness. "She was never late. She never missed a workout. She never complained. She did everything that was asked of her and she usually did so with a smile," Horrigan revealed further. 

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