Jennifer Lawrence’s Boyfriend Jealous of Bradley Cooper: The two act as a Couple Again in the Movie Adaptation of “Serena” [PHOTOS]

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We first witnessed their chemistry in the movie "The Silver Linings Playbook" in which Jennifer Lawrence had won an Oscar for it. They were also a couple on the much talked about movie "American Hustle" where they played husband and wife.

This year the two are out again with a new movie where they would also play a couple together in the movie adaptation of Ron Rash's novel "Serena." Jennifer Lawrence may be good friends with all her sexy co-stars but is her boyfriend Nicholas Hoult alright with it?

The movie is a thrilling one which may earn both Cooper and Lawrence an Oscar for themselves. The movie is described by as:

"George had fathered an illegitimate son years back when living in the mountains and Serena being from the city proves to learn quickly at living in the wilderness. They both protect their land and kill anyone who goes against them. When Serena finds out that she cannot bear a child of her own, she sets out to kill George's illegitimate son but finds out that he and his mother may be protected by her husband."

It sounds like a great movie but what does Nicholas Hoult think about it? He seems to be secured enough with his relationship with Jennifer Lawrence as the two have spent the holidays together and seem to be getting rather serious. Jennifer Lawrence may be close with Bradley Cooper and maybe best of friends but it seems that their chemistry is only for their movies together.

People can't wait for the movie adaptation of Ron Rash's novel "Serena" to be released. The movie has a great plot and it looks to be a good movie to watch as well.

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