Jennifer Lawrence Hosts SNL, Bashes Fellow Oscar Nominees, Falls Short on Comedy [PHOTOS and VIDEO]


'Silver Linings Playbook' star, Jennifer Lawrence, hosted an episode of Saturday Night Live and gave a bland performance. Does this mean we won't see Lawrence do comedy again anytime soon?

After winning a Golden Globe award, things should have seemed promising for Jennifer Lawrence's TV and comedy endeavor. But they were far from being "promising" at all. When Lawrence hosted the latest episode of Saturday Night Live, critics tagged the skits to be "boring," with a humor that "fell short."

It seems that Jennifer Lawrence's adventure to comedy was not successful. Headlines call the stint "a clueless endeavor," humorly pressing that the "comedy odds are not in her favor."

"In fact, our favorite skit of the evening didn't even involve Lawrence at all! The Starbucks Verisimo skit below was the only one that got a real laugh." wrote Carina Adley Mackenzie of

"They had a whole month off and that's what they come up with?" writes famous TV critic, Mike Ryan of The Huffington Post.

One of the worst parts of her episode was her monologue. Lawrence bashed her fellow Oscar nominees for best actress, but it was obvious that Lawrence did not intend to be "brutal," minimizing the effectiveness of the script.

"Well, well, well. Look who it is, Jessica Chastain. More like, Jessica Chas-ain't winning no Oscar on my watch!" speaks Lawrence of Zero Dark Thirty star, Jessica Chastain during her monologue. Another nominee, Naomi Watts, was next on the bash list.

"You were in 'The Impossible'. You know what else is impossible? You beating me on Oscar night" says Lawrence as if talking to Watts.

Lawrence went on in a couple of skits, with her past role as Katniss Everdeen in 'The Hunger Games' constantly being played at. Grammy nominess, The Lumineers, performed as the musical guest in the said episode.

Watch the video below to see Jennifer Lawrence in action during her SNL episode. 

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