Jennifer Lawrence Having a Circus on Oscars 2014: Trips, Laughs and Photobombs

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Jennifer Lawrence in red Dior gown greets actor Channing Tatum at the 86th Academy Awards REUTERS/ Mike Blake

The Oscars must be jinxed, at least for Jennifer Lawrence anyway. On Sunday night at the Oscars, the "American Hustle" and "Silver Linings Playbook" star, Jennifer Lawrence arrived at the Kodak Theater looking smashing and elegant in a bright red gown by Dior and an equally bright smile for everyone, when she took a little dive and fall. While waving warmly to everyone, she tripped and tried to grab a friend to stop her fall to no avail. Alas, the actress who recently announced she will take a break from acting has fallen at the Oscars for two consecutive years. Not that it broke her style or halt her cheery mood. The Oscar-nominee quickly stood up and threw her head laughing the incident off, making her little entourage laugh as well. Included in her entourage is her boyfriend, Nicholas Hoult, who looked really fashionable and dashing in his tuxedo, according to Entertainment Wise.

Less than five minutes after the fall, the actress put the falling incident behind her and managed to photo bomb a random couple on the carpet, the E! Online reports. This just makes everyone remember why she is just too adorable to hate on, klutz or not.  Jennifer Lawrence is nominated for Best Supporting Actress for her role in "American Hustle."

Jennifer Lawrence took a dive as well on Oscars 2013 as she went up the stage to receive an award. Instead of acting like nothing happened, she joked about her fall during her speech and after the awards show, demonstrating how funny and true she is.

It comes as no surprise that Jennifer Lawrence is nominated for Oscars on her role in "American Hustle," where the actress had to strip down and kiss a girl, Amy Adams. Filming the kiss was difficult, as shared by Adams on the Oscars red carpet. "It was a disaster," Adams shared with a laugh. "Jennifer has very full lips and they were coated with a very bright, bright raspberry red lip gloss. It ended up surrounding my mouth and got all in my mouth. I looked like a clown." Still, even with this lip gloss mishap, Adams claimed they did not have to do the scene for more than twice.  "Only two [takes]," Adams shared. "We got it." Amy Adams also looked her best in a blue, elegant gown tonight by Gucci. The actress is nominated for best actress in American Hustle.

"American Hustle" swept the nominations for everything from Best Picture to Best Costume Design in Oscars 2014.

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