Jennifer Lawrence is 'The Devil You Know' [VIDEO]

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Oscar award winning actress, Jennifer Lawrence has certainly a lot of films on her plate. Apart from the "Hunger Games" film franchise that has got "Tributes" rolling in glee, Lawrence is also slated for another "X-Men: First Class" sequel. With Lawrence's name up in lights, a movie that had been stored for seven years starring Jennifer is now set to be released.

Indie movies rarely get the attention it deserves despite being shown in a few film festivals. As for films that never got the chance, they are stored away where their leading stars never get the chance at stardom. This could have happened to Jennifer Lawrence if not thanks to the film adaptation of Suzanne Collins' best-selling post-apocalyptic novels, "The Hunger Games."

Lawrence had already made a name for herself even before "Hunger Games" as being one of the youngest to be nominated for an Oscar award. Yet, Lawrence had lost to the "Best Actress" category to Natalie Portman of "Black Swan."

Before Lawrence had been catapulted to the big screen and named Hollywood's "It" girl, Lawrence was the star of the small screen films. One film that had been produced seven years ago, "The Devil You Know" stars Lawrence and after being held in the dark for so long, it is set to be released.

The film had been shot back in 2007 which stars, then 15-year old Lawrence. At that time, no one had the finances to distribute the film which led to it being shelved for almost seven years. Now, with Lawrence's name in lights, production managers of the film are now set to release the said film by July 9.

Fans shouldn't expect much of course from the film given Lawrence has only a small role to play. Jennifer Lawrence stars alongside Rosamund Pike and Lena Olin for "The Devil You Know." Check out the clip below.

"The Devil You Know" joins other films set to star Lawrence namely, "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire", "American Hustle" and "X-Men: Days of Future Past." Obviously, Jennifer Lawrence has got her plate full with films, fashion and a whole lot more.

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