Jennifer Hawkins Fresh from Honeymoon for Australia’s Next Top Model

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July 4 2013, Former Miss Universe and "just got married" Jennifer Hawkins has just returned from her honeymoon fresh for the launch of the new series of Fox8's show Australia's Next Top Model in Sydney, New castle reports. Hawkins replaced Sarah Murdoch as a host and judge for the show.

She was back Tuesday from her honeymoon in Paris, Singapore and Maldives with now husband Jake Wall. The couple got married in Bali. She looked so fresh and tanned.

In an article from Pop Sugar, co-judge Charlotte Dawson joked during the kick off proceedings of the show saying that "So here I was, really happy a couple of days ago thinking Jennifer Hawkins is going to be back from her honeymoon all jetlagged and fat! And she hasn't! Look at her, she looks absolutely amazing."

Hawkins who wore a sculptural Toni Maticevski dress was also praised by Dawson saying "Jen has fitted in so beautifully. This is what we want our models to aspire to be."

Hawkins in return shared how she was charmed by Dawson's playful nature saying, "on the red carpet she was trying to unzip the back of my dress. She's so cheeky!"

Hawkins is also admired by this season's contestants for Australia's top model.

In an interview with WA Today, one of the contestants Du Plessis, 22-year-old Bunbury resident who made it to the top 50 contestants from Western Australia, said "Jen is an inspiration. I think everyone wants to be like her, look like her. Everyone's got their faults but to us she's the role model. I was looking forward to meeting her when I applied, that was one of my inspirations."

Plessis said that most of the girls in the contest are against conceited and precious stereotype but rather want the realistic outcome they will be getting form the contest.

"The worst that could come is you won't make it. I didn't think I was going to make it this far. I keep telling myself, you're fine the way you are, you were made this way. You can't worry about other girls and how they look compared to yourself because you are the way you are, you were made this way. You can't worry about other girls and how they look compared to yourself because you are the way you are, you've got to work with what you've got."

When Hawkins appeared in the episode for the first time, the girls made a deafening squealing. "To many, she's the epitome of success and the reason why they applied for the series in the first place."

The Australia's Next Top Model will premiere on Tuesday, July 9 at 7:30 pm.

Meanwhile, in a separate interview with The Daily telegraph judges Dawson and Dieder Cohen offered unsolicited advice to the contestants.

Cohen said, "It is 100 per cent street smarts and professionalism. If you treat this industry like a business and you network and you treat everyone with respect, you will go far. If you are just a pretty girl who is wild chick partying and stuff, you won't have a long career. How many girls come in as the hot girl of the moment and we never hear of them again."

As for the controversial judge Dawson who is outspoken and always "in your face", "I live in the moment. Every day that I have, whether I'm with someone who is 20,30,40,50,60 or 70, if I'm happy with them I wake up, look them in the eye and say, Im happy today, what more can I ask for? I follow a really good diet. I am on antidepressant... I train pretty much every day. I have great friends who love and care for me."

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