Jennifer Aniston Reportedly Pregnant with Miracle Baby: Philippa Pegged as Baby's Name

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Jennifer Aniston is again making the news for her alleged pregnancy. It is being said the former "Friends" star is expecting a baby from her longtime beau, Justin Theroux.  It is being said she is in her fourth month, reported the Gaurdianlv.

"Justin and Jennifer have revealed that the couple are thinking of baby names with Philippa being a popular choice...An insider added that Aniston wants a natural pregnancy, with no medications or epidurals, however all that matters is that she brings her healthy baby into the world," reported Classicalite.

Apparently, Aniston has been trying to get pregnant for a long time. The sources to the Web site have further claimed that Aniston is calling her baby a "miracle baby." The 45-year-old actress is reported to have undergone a plethora of treatments to conceive.

"[Jen's] a little more than three-and-a-half months along and just found out the baby's sex. It's incredible news for the two of them. Just a few months ago they were on the brink of splitting," reported Hollywoodlife.

Meanwhile, it is also being rumoured that Aniston is suffering from severe morning sickness while shooting for her new movie called "Cake"

"In early April, Jen called Justin crying from the set. She said she couldn't stop throwing up. So he dropped everything, hopped on his bike, and drove over so he could personally deliver Jen's favorite organic ginger ale to her," a source on the "Cake's" set revealed as per the Web site.

The reports have went on to suggest that though Aniston is suffering from insomnia because of her pregnancy she calls a miracle baby.

"[Jen's] telling friends this is a miracle baby. She'd pretty much given up on conceiving naturally," the source close to her shared to the Web site.

Jennifer and Justin are yet to confirm the baby news, though it will come as pleasant surprise for Aniston's fans, if it deems true.

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