Jennifer Aniston Pregnant with Miracle Baby: Prepares To Raise Baby Alone As Justin Theroux is not Planning Marriage- Reports

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Rumors are rife that Jennifer Aniston is pregnant with Justin Theroux's baby. However, the sad part is that it is being said that Theroux has called of the wedding and there are chances that Jennifer would be raising the baby alone, reported Celebrity Laundry.

The June 30th edition of In Touch magazine has claimed that though Theroux may have put ring on Aniston's finger he has no plans of getting married to her. According to Web site, it is further understood that the former "Friends" star has decided to raise her baby alone.

The news of Jennifer's pregnancy broke two months back.

"[Jen's] a little more than three-and-a-half months along and just found out the baby's sex. It's incredible news for the two of them. Just a few months ago they were on the brink of splitting," a source had said that time to Hollywoodlife.

It is also understood that Jen has been trying to have a baby for a long time and has undergone various medical procedures for the same. She is apparently calling her baby a miracle baby as per the reports.

However, it is also being claimed that Aniston is having problems in pregnancy though she has not stopped working for a film titled "Cake".

"In early April, Jen called Justin crying from the set. She said she couldn't stop throwing up. So he dropped everything, hopped on his bike, and drove over so he could personally deliver Jen's favorite organic ginger ale to her," a source revealed to the Web site from the sets of movie "Cake".

Furthermore, Aniston is said to be suffering from insomnia and nausea. But she is happy with the fact that she has conceived.

"[Jen's] telling friends this is a miracle baby. She'd pretty much given up on conceiving naturally," the source further said about her to the Web site.

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