Jennette McCurdy Slams NBA Star Andre Drummond, Says His Kiss Wasn’t Right

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“Sam and Cat” star Jennette McCurdy is kissing and telling in a really bad way. The Nickelodeon star has slammed NBA player Andre Drummond after they ended their short-lived romance, claiming he sucked at kissing.

The 21-year-old actress apparently found love on Instagram after a few flirtatious exchanges with the Detroit Pistons baller on the photo-sharing site.

Drummond, 20, shared McCurdy’s photo on his account for his “Woman Crush Wednesday” in August, and McCurdy replied a week later, posting Drummond’s photo for her “Man Crush Monday” on Instagram.

The couple was then spotted together in a restaurant in Hollywood, supposedly on a date. According to TMZ, Drummond had a chauffeur drive them to and from their romantic dinner.

But apparently, McCurdy she wasn’t really into Drummond. In an interview with the Nerdist, she only responded to him because she thought he was a big deal.

“He seemed like [big deal],” she said. “My first kiss with him was after we had gone laser tagging,” she recalled, saying after all her friends had left her house, she and Drummond had a moment together.

“So I stood on a chair... I sort of went for it. But it wasn’t great. It didn’t go great. No sparks and the mouth... the shapes weren’t right.”

The former “iCarly” star said that she wanted to end it sooner, but she had already announced their relationship on her social media accounts so she had no choice but to postpone it.

“I already posted it on Twitter so everybody knows. So if I just ride it out for a little bit.”

Before she ended it, Drummond gave her a necklace and he got on his knees to make their relationship official. McCurdy said she was so uncomfortable that she laughed and said yes.

Drummond, meanwhile, did not appear to be affect about McCurdy’s diss. He posted a message on Vine after McCurdy’s interview went online. He did not mention names, but he seemed to be referring to her.

“Sometimes you gotta live and learn by the mistakes you make. You gotta move on and keep pushing,” he said in the short video.

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