Jennette McCurdy Racy Lingerie Selfies Leak : NBA Star Andre Drummond Stunned?

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Jennete McCurdy sizzled the web with her recently leaked lingerie selfies. The former Nickelodean star's three almost naked selfies popped online on March 2 just after she broke up with the NBA star Andre Drummond.

The three selfie shows Jennete giving suggestive poses in lacy lingerie. In one of the pics the former " Sam And The Cat" star is seen semi clad in a blue lacy intimates while she poses for the camera with an upfront cleavage.  Along with the cleavage Jennete did not shy away from giving a peek of her sexy booty, which she had adorned with a matching blue panty.

In another pic Jennete is seen lying in the bed with a hot pink bandue covering her boobs while in another pic she is again lying down on bed but has a nude bra on. In all the three selfies Jennete has made sure that her immense cleavage is on display.

Though it is not clear how these selfies ended on the internet but what is interesting to note here that the images popped up just after Jenner broke-up with Andre Drummond after blaming him for not having great kissing skills. Is she trying to send a message to Andre with the almost naked selfies or did they accidently make their way on the web?

Jennete is now 21 and her fans think that she can do almost anything with the fame she has got. And she is not only one who has done a steamy photo session after stepping into adult hood. Remember Kendall Jenner? Harry Styles's ex-girlfriend posted a cleavage-revealing photo on her official instgaram account last year on her 18th birthday. Most recently, Kendall even bared her nipples through a sheer top for a March Jacob's fashion show. Her racy look did create controversies but as they say nothing is wrong or right in the world of fame.

Let us know what you think about the racy lingerie selfies of Jennete McCurdy. Do you think they have been leaked to make Andre Drummond jealous?

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