Jennette McCurdy Disses Ariana Grande in New Web Series 'What's Next for Sarah?' [VIDEO]

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Ariana Grande Bagged The Top Position As Well As Happy In Her New Love Life/ File Photo/REUTERS/Fred Thornhill
Ariana Grande clearly hinted that she is much happy in her new love life. File photo/REUTERS/Fred Thornhill . REUTERS/Fred Thornhill .

Reportedly, things have not been better between Ariana Grande and Jennette McCurdy ever since the cancellation of "Sam & Cat." While Grande has been focused on her career as a musician, Jennette has moved on to another series but this time on the web. In her latest web series, the former Nickelodeon star takes a dig at Ariana Grande.

Ever since the series "Sam & Cat" had been cancelled, reports of a feud between Jennette McCurdy and Ariana Grande have filled the Web. Initial reports claimed Jennette's racy selfies were to blame before another report about dispute on payment discrepancies emerged. The alleged feud between the co-stars were fuelled further when McCurdy was a no-show at the Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards.

Again, the feud reports became even worse when Jennette posted a lengthy rant on Twitter about a "trouble" friend. While Grande was quick to claim that everything was alright between her and Jennette, the latter has remained mum about the alleged feud.

However, Jennette has finally spoken up about the feud albeit in a different manner. On her new Web series, "What's Next For Sarah?" McCurdy obviously took a dig at Grande. In the episode, Jennette's character in in therapy after her show gets cancelled. The situation definitely sounds familiar.

Then in the episode, Jennette's therapist named Sarah recommends that she tries juicing. While Jennette sips on her juice, a girl in a floral dress with huge hair comes into the store singing. This girl is Sarah's friend named Gloriana who stops to talk about her life.

In a report by Hollywood Life, Gloriana sounds just like Ariana Grande. Gloriana then goes on to talk about "how well" her life has been going and that she's "never been better." Jennette's show certainly has the same elements as that of real life with Ariana Grande involved.

Like her character in the Web series, Jennette's career has taken a tumble while that of Gloriana has been nothing but perfect. Was this episode a diss at Grande or was it simply nothing but just good fun for Jennette?

Jennette's latest tweet where she thanks celebrity blogger, Perez Hilton along with a link to his piece: "The SHADE is strong in this one!" certainly says a lot. Check out the episode of "What's Next for Sarah?" where Jennette disses Grande below.

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