Jen Selter New Photo: Twitter Model Shows Off Famous Butt in a New Revealing Pose [PHOTO]

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With over 650,000 likes on Facebook, over 2.6 million followers on Instagram and 360,000 followers on Twitter, Jen Selter is definitely a social media sensation. The 20-year-old fitness buff is a self-made Internet phenomenon, featuring her svelte body and particularly her shapely buxom. She has been all around New York City showing her signature move "Seltering" where she poses on her hands and feet while her toned rear sticks out. Selter says she did not do it to intentionally grab attention, though.

"I would just follow the trainers and when they would train someone, I was like 'oh, what does that do?'" Selter revealed in an interview with "Good Morning America" saying she has never had a personal trainer in her life.

"If I was wearing a cute outfit I was like, why not take a selfie?" And just like that, one photo started her rise to fame.

"I took one side of my butt in yoga pants and that photo went viral," Selter continued. Some of the exercises that help her maintain an enviable figure include twisted plated squats, dumbbell lunges and donkey kicks or fire hydrants. She is known for posting challenging work out moves on social media. Selter also revealed that she loves cereal and eats carbs, dark chocolate is her guilty pleasure and that she eats ice cream with her cheat meal every Sunday.

Recently, Jen Selter posted a picture of herself in a "scandalous" position where she was poised on a street-level Subway station. She was on her hands on one rail while her feet were on the other, posing like a bridge. She is wearing a white tank with blue tight pants that show off her curvy behind, which is her most famous trademark. See picture here.

On Mar. 9, Selter posted a video on Instagram and Vine doing squats with a caption: "Friday night gym time. Sneakers before Stillettos. Wide stance pulses, one of my favorite glute workouts!" She also has quite a humor to go with that body, posting: "I do not pop molly, I rock Tom Ford" and "Beauty is nothing without brains." See revealing Vanity Fair photo here

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