Jellybean for Xperia Line Up, Galaxy S2, Galaxy Note

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Before, Samsung Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Note users had to wait for a long time to obtain updates of Android Ice Cream Sandwich because both devices were released with Android Gingerbread, which dates back as the first very stable firmware version.

After getting the long-awaited Ice Cream Sandwich, Jellybean was suddenly released as the new Android firmware version and several Samsung flagship smartphones are released or has an update ready for them.

Samsung is finally going to release a Jellybean update for Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Note so user may enjoy the great features of the latest firmware.

The testing firmware of Android 4.1.2 Jellybean ROM for Galaxy S2 has leaked out and according to the test it is very stable and currently undergoing to its final stages.

The feature includes Project Butter and Google Now which are usual for the Jellybean; updated TouchWiz interface that is identical to Galaxy S3, bloop bloop sound when touching the screen, Direct Call, Smart Stay, and Pop-up play.

The pre-release is ready for download but bugs are expected since it is still under final development. The Galaxy S2 and Note Jellybean updates are expected to be released in early January 2013 while Jellybean 4.1.2 for Galaxy S3 is expected to arrived at Poland and Germany early next year.

If Samsung is releasing the updates, Sony is scheduling the lists of Xperia Jellybean updates.

In October, Sony published information about its plans to update their Xperia smartphone line up with the Android Jellybean firmware. Here is the schedule and the devices listed which will go first to grab the updates next year:

February and March updates 4.1 Jellybean

  • Xperia T
  • Xperia TX
  • Xperia V

End of March

  • Xperia P
  • Xperia J
  • Xperia go

After March

  • Xperia S
  • Xperia SL
  • Xperia ion
  • Xperia acro S

However, it is not good news for other Xperia users who own Xperia U, Xperia miro, Xperia tipo, and Xperia sola because Sony has excluded them for any upgrades beyond Ice Cream Sandwich or Android 4.0.

A lot of mobile phone owners were disappointed with the very late release because Sony stated before that Jellybean will arrive in 2012 for Xperia T, Xperia TX, and Xperia V. Late as it is already, there is nothing that can be done but to wait for the scheduled releases next year or simply obtain custom ROMs from other developers.

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