"Jelena" Truly Done: Justin Bieber Seen Holding Hands with Kylie Jenner, Over Selena Gomez? [PHOTOS]


In a photo posted via Instagram, it shows Justin Bieber holding hands with Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian's younger sister. How true is this and has Bieber moved on with his recent break-up with singer, Selena Gomez?

A photo instantly became news to Justin Bieber followers when Kylie Jenner's old Instagram account, posted and quickly deleted a controversial snap of herself holding hands with the Canadian singer. There is no reason for "Beliebers" to be alarmed. There is no authenticity in this photo as it is "photoshopped." Jenner's face was placed on what used to be Selena Gomez's head, and the similarities between the two brunettes are even more obvious after some fans thought it was the real deal.

It was said that a "hacker" logged in to Jenner's account, "iputthedistrictonmyback" and posted the photo. Jenner abandoned the account and went back to her usual account "kyliejenner" after the photo was deleted.

It could be possible that someone did take the time to "shop" Kylie's face into Selena's , but it can also be an option that Kim Kardashian's sister is fishing for  Justin's attention. It's only an indication of how far young women would go to get Bieber's attention, and being the sister of a famous socialite might not be enough for Kylie.

As far as the dating area goes, Justin is still single and recovering from his split with Selena Gomez. It could be that Justin is experiencing a halt with the controversies surrounding his "marijuana" use because of all the noise Selena has been making for the past couple of weeks.

Gomez was seen partying and holding hands with Hunger Games star, Josh Hutcherson, in one of the after parties she attended during the Golden Globes. She was also linked to an Australian actor in the same night, and plans to reveal her "painful" relationship with Bieber through her next album.

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