Jelena Together: Is Justin Bieber Trying to Pursuade Selena Gomez to Check Into Rehab?

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Selena Gomez has been in news for quite some time now. Earlier she cancelled her world tour and got the fans disappointed. Then, there was news that the "Slow Down the Music" singer is suffering from a rare illness called lupus and hence cancelled all  her performances. Just when people were beginning to give their all out sympathies to this Texan-born singer, there came the news that Selena is back with Justin Bieber, her ex-boyfriend.

The two were pictured together having good fun and enjoying each other's company. Justin even posted a picture of him with Selena on his Instagram page proving the world that they are, indeed, together. Justin wrote, "Love the way you look at me," while posting an intimate picture of him and Selena together. You can see the picture here.

There has been lot of speculation in the media that Selena Gomez has been doing drugs and was caught having Molly (a popular drug) at one of the parties where even Justin was also present. Showbizspy reportedly quoted a source who confirmed that Selena, indeed, used drugs.

"She ingested less than a gram of the drug in a bottle of water, which is one of the most common ways of doing it. She was also drinking. I saw champagne, whisky and Grey Goose (vodka) at the party," reports the Web site quoting a source.

The news also coincides with the fact that Selena is on a break and has cancelled all her shows. Though she has not checked into rehab, she is now with Justin. There is speculation in the media that the 19-year-old "Believe" singer is actually trying to talk Selena to get into rehab.  According to gossip Web site, Justin is helping Selena get back to her life and even check into rehab due to use of drugs.

Selena has a relatively cleaner image and has not been seen displaying irresponsible behaviour which most drug addicts show. But Justin has had a stint with Brazilian model Tati Neeves and got kicked out of night clubs. What are your views?

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