'Jelena' Split Update: Selena Gomez Dumped Bieber Over Lil Twist

  @ibtimesau on March 19 2013 1:51 PM

Months after Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have broken up, alleged causes of their split surfaced all over the web. Some clam the "Jelena" duo had split up due to Justin's cheating ways. Yet, another source claims it was Justin's friends that caused a rift between him and Selena.

Which friend would this be and what exactly did this person do to cause one of the most famous splits in Hollywood?

Ever since Selena Gomez called it quits with beau of three years, Bieber, Justin has been spiralling out of control. The 19-year old singer has been caught smoking pot, experimenting with codeine, hitting the club with underage friends, fainting on stage and getting kicked out of five-star hotels. Justin is still facing a lot of hate for his most recent rant involving Lindsay Lohan.

As for Selena Gomez, the 20-year old is having the time of her life. Selena has been quite fashionable and unbelievably sexy these past few days judging her red carpet premiere for "Spring Breakers." Apart from making it big in the movie industry, Gomez is set to release her fourth studio album this month with her first single leaked onto the web entitled, "Rule the World."

Obviously, Selena has moved on from the famous "Jelena" split but what's all this new developments on their break-up? Earlier reports claimed that Selena broke it off with Justin due to trust issues. Bieber was rumoured to have cheated on Selena with Barbara Palvin, Victoria's Secret model. Now, news has it that Selena dumped Bieber due to his friendship with Lil' Twist.

"This Weezy thing is a big reason why Selena didnt wanna be with Justin anymore," said a source close to Selena, adding, "She was always worried because Justin's boy Twist is in Weezy's clique, and Justin loved them and wanted to be like them."

"She was worried the partying would become too much and he'd go over the edge. Sel always felt the need to babysit when they were together, but now she doesn't really care as it's not her problem. But it definitely hurt her heart to hear that Wayne almost died," continued the source.

Lil' Twist is also said to be the reason why Bieber has been drinking too much alcohol and hitting clubs lately. The rapper was also said to be the instigator for Justin's pot addiction. It is clear that Lil' Twist is a bad influence on Justin and if he wishes to last longer in the business, Justin should give up the "twist" in his life.

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