'Jelena' Split Update: Justin Bieber Cheated Twice on Another Model? [PHOTOS]


New news is in and it doesn't look good for Bieber. Rumor has it that Justin Bieber didn't cheat once on Selena Gomez but twice. The Canadian crooner allegedly had a quick tryst with a 22-year old model/ nursing student named, Milyn "Mimi" Jenson back in December 2012. Read on to find out.

If Selena Gomez ever hears of this, the "Jelena" duo is likely to ever get back together. According to reports, Justin Bieber had cheated on Swift for another model and no it isn't Barbara Palvin of Victoria's Secret. "Beliebers" say hello to Milyn "Mimi" Jenson who had enjoyed seven minutes and more of heaven at Bieber's bachelor pad at Four Seasons.

Onlookers claim that Justin and friend, Lil' Twist had met at Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills. The stars also met Mimi that time then stopped at McDonalds for food before heading to Bieber's pad at Calabasas area in Los Angeles.

"They all went to buy weed at a smoke shop on Olympic Blvd. in Hollywood," said the insider, adding "Then they got food at McDonald's and went back to the hotel."

A source claimed to Star Magazine that Bieber was making all the swag moves on Mimi in hopes to getting laid.

"He was really kind and romantic [to Milyn]," said the source.

The source also goes on to add that Justin "acted like he was [single]" and that he had been "smoking pot all night." This then lead to Justin finally making a move on the model.

"Justin surprised her by saying, 'I want to know if you taste good.' He started kissing her cheek and ear and neck and then her whole body," said the source. The two then allegedly engaged in sexual activity.

"He seemed out of it, and even though he didn't ask Mimi to leave, she decided she should go," said the source after the romp.

While multiple sources confirm of the preposterous story of Bieber and Mimi, Gossip Cop squashes all rumors. A representative for Bieber has spoken up on the issue and claims all the stories are false. Fans of Bieber may recall the rumor back in December where he had an alleged "sex-romp" with a woman in tawdry language of which was also dubbed false.

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