"Jelena" Split Final: Selena Gomez Seen Holding Hands with Josh Hutcherson [PHOTOS]


According to several eyewitness reports, Selena Gomez was seen dancing all night and holding hands with "Hunger Games" star, Josh Hutcherson, in several Golden Globes after parties.

It seems like Selena Gomez is totally over her ex, Justin Bieber, as she was seen partying the night away with Josh Hutcherson and best pal, Vanessa Hudgens. It was said that Selena and Josh danced together all night, and was seen leaving the Beverly Hills Hilton together, holding hands.

It is reported that Josh Hutcherson is currently "dating" young blonde actress, Chloe Bridges of the Carrie Diaries, but their relationship could be "platonic," since Josh took Selena to one of the most photographed and publicized awards show in the industry.

According to the report, it looks like Selena doesn't have any problems moving forward after her long relationship with the Canadian pop superstar. The two broke-up after Bieber was caught fooling around with Victoria's Secret model, Barbara Palvin, which fumed Selena and egged her to move on.

Too bad for Bieber, Barbara doesn't seem to be interested in him at all as the model is also taken. Bieber also proved to be unlucky the past month, with a string of controversies hitting his image in large bouts.

After the New Year's week, Justin was photographed smoking what seems to be a "blunt" (tobacco paper filled with marijuana), inside a hotel room in LA. A friend (or not) of the singer sold the photo to a famous gossip site, which caused a scandal that hurt the singer's reputation, with all the blame going to his rapper best friend, Lil Twist.

In a recent report, it was said that Justin is planning a "bro-cation" with Harry Styles after the british singer broke-up with Taylor Swift

But Selena seems to be unabashed with all the "Bieber-related" controversies as she continues to live her life like a successful young celebrity elite. And by the looks of it, she has her eyes on Josh Hutcherson.

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