Jelena Romance: Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Attend Bible Study Together, Justin to Shed Bad Boy Image

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In a new twist to Jelena romance, Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber have been spotted visiting a Church together. The two love birds were seen attending a Bible study together holding hands, a Twitter user named Stalker Sarah has revealed. She claims that she was present at the same church, which Jelena visited with their bodyguard.

"Justin & Selena were in a very popular weekly bible study tonight. It was a packed house and I was so happy to see them there with Hugo," Stalker Sarah posted on June 19 on her Twitter timeline. Check out the tweet here.

For people who are not aware who Hugo is, he is the bodyguard of Justin Bieber and his full name is Hugo Hesney.

"Seeing Justin and Selena holding hands, and where it is, just made my day," Sarah tweeted this a few moments before her Bible study post.

According to, Justin has reportedly promised Selena that he will leave his bad partying habits and will change for good now that the couple is together. It looks like that the Jelena couple is treading the right path. Reportedly, ever since Selena Gomez has been spotted with Justin Bieber, he has not been embroiled in any fresh controversy.

On the contrary, the "Baby" singer invited Selena on his dad Jeremy's birthday and they also reportedly watched movies at home. Read more about it here.

"Justin has told her that he's changing his ways and she totally supports him and feels like he's finally grown out of that bad boy phase," a source close to Selena told the Web site.

 "So they are both in really healthy and positive place right now. And what's really been making a difference is that they have both praying together and you can tell what an impact this has been making on the both of them, especially Justin," the source added.

The on and off couple is also working on a duet together, the Web site has reported, adding that Justin and Selena were spotted going to a recording studio together. 

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