'Jelena' Reunion: 'Beliebers' and 'Selenators' Happy Over It?

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Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber don't have to say it out loud for fans to know that they're officially back together. Thanks to the latter's Instagram post, everyone knows that the "Jelena" couple has reunited. However, following their reunion a number of negative comments flooded the post. Are "Beliebers" and "Selenators" truly pleased with their reunion?

The New Year 2014 certainly brought out the most shocking reconciliation. After their one year split, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are back together. According to sources, the Canadian crooner has served as the "Come & Get It" singer's support system after finding out she had to deal with the auto-immune disease, Lupus.

Reports of their reunion first emerged online after the couple was spotted on a Segway date in Calabasas. The rumours became even more rampant after Justin had posted a photo of him and Selena on his Instagram with the caption that read: "Love the way you look at me."

In a matter of minutes, the photo had received over a million likes and four hundred thousand comments. Not all the comments were pleased about the "Jelena" reunion. Yet, reports claim that some "Beliebers" and "Selenators" have been waiting months for the reconciliation to happen. Does this mean they're happy that their idols are now back together?

"Awe, been waiting for you guys to get back together :')" reads one comment by Instagram user by the username of hii_signe.

In fact, in a poll by MTV, 46% of readers are happy that Selena and Justin are back together.

"There is no need to be cynical. When you have truly been in love, you don't judge others. Get a grip," stated one MTV commenter by the username of Roxnoboa.

A number of "Beliebers" had even supported Justin for getting back with Gomez. Twitter was instantly flooded with updates on the "Jelena" reunion.

"Im glad Justin's not bothered what we think about his relationship with Selena,he shouldn't have to listen to our opinions tbh," tweets username @kidrxuhldrew.

Still with Justin and Selena being quite mum on the real deal about their relationship, fans of the couple will just have to hope for the best, wait around and see what happens next.

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