"Jelena" List: 5 Selena Gomez "Revenge" Moves On Justin Bieber, Holds Hands With Aussie Actor [PHOTOS]


When a break-up happens in the entertainment industry, there's always the heated aftershock. Selena Gomez is now seen confiding and holding hands with an Aussie actor, among many things that show she's out to get revenge on her ex, Justin Bieber.

When Selena Gomez "party-hopped" with an equally-famous entourage, news spread about how her night unfolded.

1.       First she was seen holding hands with Hunger Games star, Josh Hutcherson,

2.       Then she was photographed sharing a few chats with Barbara Palvin, the Victoria's Secret model who was allegedly the reason behind the "Jelena" break-up.

Revenge much?

But Selena is not done. After "party-hopping," comes "boytoy-hopping."

3.       The "Love You Like A Love Song" singer was seen holding hands (again), but with a different guy, at a different Golden Globes after party. This time, she got cozy with Australian actor, Luke Bracey. The blonde hunk starred in Selena's 2011 movie, Monte Carlo, as a jetsetter, Riley.

4.       Aside from that, she also can't stop saying how "awful" the last stretch of the Jelena relationship to her friends, including Luke. An insider overheard Selena confiding on the dance floor.

"It was awful," reveals Gomez to the Aussie star, describing her last trip with Bieber in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. "We were fighting."

Bad-mouthing, or is she simply telling the truth?

5.       It has been reported that Gomez is planning to reveal more "bad" Jelena memories by talking about it in her songs. Since Taylor Swift is her BFF, who's also going through a recent break-up, it's no surprise if Selena follows Swift's way of fueling a hit-song factory.

"Justin was so mean to Selena that she can't wait to spill all the s**t about him in her new songs," told a friend of Selena's to Hollywood Life as reported by Entertainment Wise.

"All his flirting and all his... bulls**t are on the table. Her fans will be shocked about how much of a bada** she can be when she's out for revenge."

What ever happened to "taking it classy?" Are these actions appropriate for someone who has a huge following of young women around the world? Or maybe Selena is just letting some steam off? What do you think?

Start the slideshow to see photos of Selena during some of the Golden Globes after parties. 

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